What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Website

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What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Website

There is a great divide between customers and small business these days. While above 90 percent of customers find details about services and products online, in most areas it is estimated by some that between 50 and 60 percent of small enterprises don’t have websites. The lack of small enterprises that don’t have websites are really missing out.  Though there are several reasons you need to have a website, below are reasons why you MUST get a website for your business.

Developing a stronger marketing channel

A website may be integrated into your present small business promoting activities, providing consumers a place to come to find out more about your services or products. You can use direct mail, social media, or internet advertising to attract traffic to your website.

Building a deeper local presence

Most small businesses ignore the idea of having a website since they only focus on local customers. The fact is: a ton more people are looking for local products and services on the Internet now more than than ever. Therefore, any business that needs to attract consumers must consider a website (meaning ALL businesses).

Providing better customer service

Most offices or stores shut down at night. But consumers may be looking for information about your product or services day AND night. The Web by no means shuts down. Customers can find you day in and day out, whether you are closed or not. Your site can also offer your audience an easy way to contact you on their terms by phone, text or email. With this do it yourself, in whatever way you want solution, a business is able to reach a segmented audience without being physically open.

Forging more personal relationships

A website enables you to forge a deeper, more comfortable relationship with consumers. The most clicked on section of many websites is the “about” page since people usually want to know who they’re potentially conducting business with. A strong website enables you to show your company’s vision, along with your brand personality and developing trust and loyalty.

Online marketing

Rather than expecting your newspaper advertisement to show up or delivered to your mailbox, the Internet has exposed a new target market which can be contacted within a few seconds. Within 20 seconds, you can have consumers on your website or once you update your Facebook page you may direct traffic to your new product within a few seconds. There really is no other way of immediate advertising.

Future proofing your business

The Web is continuing to develop in terms of usage; age range and locations, which means owning a website simply ensures you are at the leading edge of the future concerning advertising and marketing your business. With more and more people searching online to find a professional, order their groceries and book vacations, regardless of what your business provides, having a website is the only approach to ensure that you catch this increasing audience.

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